Judge orders mom whose baby was seized to get improved access

A judge has ordered that a Vancouver Island mother who was shocked when her baby girl was taken from her just three days after being born be given...

Widow of Alberta man killed in Golden-area avalanche sues guides, lodge operator

The widow of an Alberta man who died in an avalanche near Golden is suing the guides, their mountain guide association and the lodge operator.

Quebec nurses push for new law to limit nurse-to-patient ratios

Representatives for Quebec nurses met with the health minister on Tuesday to push for better working conditions.

Former cop said he rejected idea of making drug purchase

A former police officer on Wednesday told court how his enthusiasm waned in helping fellow cops conduct surveillance on a Calgary woman, alleged...

Rizzuto to keep low profile after release, crime expert suggests

Two men alleged to have been the leaders of the Mafia in Montreal were acquitted of criminal charges on Monday after a judge ruled the police...

Case of Halifax man accused in death of Montrealer back in court

The case of a Halifax man charged with the second-degree murder of a Montreal-born yoga instructor was back in court Tuesday.

Holocaust had ‘Jewish perpetrators’ too, Polish prime minister tells Israeli media

Mateusz Morawiecki sparked outrage as he fielded questions on a controversial new law that criminalizes mention of Polish Holocaust participation

Double murder suspect again ejected from court after outburst

In the second time in a week, double-murder suspect Emanuel Kahsai has been banished from a Calgary court room following a loud outburst. As soon as...

Raids targeting Hell Angels continue in Montreal, North Shore

A police task force targeting the Hells Angels and spearheaded by the SQ launched a series of raids in Montreal and the North Shore Tuesday.

Accused in pit bull mauling case presents no defence, witnesses

Karim Jean Gilles, accused of criminal negligence causing injury in connection with the mauling by a pit bull of a child, has decided not to testify.

Girlfriend of shooting victim "freaked out" when boyfriend shot

A Burnaby teen says she “freaked out” when she heard the sounds of what she thought were gunshots and her injured boyfriend came running toward her...

Alleged Montreal Mafia heads, Rizzuto and Sollecito, acquitted

Two men alleged to have been the leaders of the Mafia in Montreal were acquitted of criminal charges on Monday after a judge ruled the police...

Quebec man charged in death of Alberta woman 16 years ago

The RCMP say Stephane Parent has been charged with second-degree murder in the death of Adrienne McColl in February 2002.

Families, trucking companies raise awareness for Quebec cold cases

"There are a lot of people who assume these cases have been solved just because they haven't heard about them for so long. Maybe they know...

Push to repeal York Region bylaw allowing stores to open on Family Day, statutory holidays

The Holiday Shopping Bylaw exempts all businesses from a provincial law requiring them to close on nine statutory holidays each year. They're...