Manitobans urged to donate blood in next few weeks

Manitobans are being asked to roll up their sleeves and donate blood after a national call to action from Canadian Blood Services.

Simple ways to add nuts and seeds to every meal of the day

Experts say nuts and seeds bring a hoax of benefits including healthy fats, protein and fibre, as well as micronutrients like magnesium, B vitamins...

10-year-old aspiring artist shows the importance of parental support

When Marley Cifuentes's sister asked her to paint her sneakers, she jumped at the chance. But when her mother dismissed her work, it broke her...

Sales of bulletproof backpacks have soared since the Florida school shooting

One company in Florida has reported a 150 per cent increase in sales of bulletproof school accessories.

Councillors discuss River Walk Promenade options for Edmonton river valley

Many Edmontonians enjoy having direct access to the North Saskatchewan River Valley and on Tuesday, the urban planning committee was looking at ways...

7 popular – yet tricky – parenting questions answered

Parenting experts Ann Douglas and Julie Freedman-Smith reveal the most common questions they get from worried parents and offer solutions.

Kingston residents head outdoors to celebrate Family Day

Some Kingston families celebrated the provincial holiday by going to museums or spending time outdoors.

X-ray uncovers artwork under Picasso masterpiece housed at Ontario gallery

The oil painting is currently housed at the Art Gallery of Ontario and was originally painted by Picasso in 1902.

Edmonton doctor helped develop new medical marijuana guidelines

According to Dr. Michael Allen, director of medicine at the University of Alberta, more research still needs to be done on cannabinoids as a...

Ottawa, Gatineau to get warm – and very wet- preview of spring in coming days

After a series of brutal deep freeze winter temperatures, the National Capital Region might be getting an early - and very wet - preview of spring.

Bombardier may lay off hundreds at its Quebec railway plant if no orders come in

Local elected officials and workers are calling for an emergency meeting with Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard on the future of the plant.

Making friends is harder as an adult — here’s why some look online

While our busy lives may stop us from reaching out to new people, experts say it's crucial to find friends as adults.

Are cancer vaccines the future of treatment?

Despite first making waves in the late 19th century, cancer vaccines are now emerging as the treatment of the future.

Adult ADHD: One man’s isolating journey to get help

It was believed that children grew out of their ADHD when they reached adolescence. But in 2013, ADHD in adults was clinically recognized.

New Brunswickers prepare for first Family Day as businesses have mixed feelings over new holiday

As many New Brunswickers prepare to celebrate the first Family Day in the province, businesses are having split feelings over the extra holiday.